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Projectify Development Log #4

Written by Justus Perlwitz on 2024-05-24

Here’s what’s new in the Projectify project management application since the last update blog on 2024-04-08.


Password validation applied when changing passwords as well

The password validation logic that was added recently for new users is now also applied to users changing their current password. To reiterate, the current validation criteria are:

Please keep in mind that these criteria only raise the minimum standard for passwords, and do not guarantee that a password is actually difficult to crack and therefore safe when brute-forced. At JWP Consulting, we recommend use a password manager and generating unique and random passwords for each log in account to stay safe.

Bug fixes

When creating or editing tasks, the Projectify frontend navigates back to a task’s project page, after everything has been saved correctly in the backend. I have recently added a confirmation dialog to task creation and update screens which ask the user to confirm whether they want to navigate away from a task and discard their changes.

Unfortunately, this dialog would also be triggered when the Projectify frontend successfully saves a task. Akin to: Error, this operation has succeeded.

The confirmation logic was not “aware” of whether the navigation was triggered because of the user wanting to go away and discard their changes, or whether the app successfully saved, and the user was being redirected back to the project page.

The solution was to keep track of the form’s state and to not show the confirmation dialog when the form state was “everything has been saved correctly”.

Preferred name validation

Preferred names ending on periods were falsely rejected. This affect preferred names such as Firstname Lastname Jr..

The original preferred name filtering was introduced to prevent arbitrary URL content injection. Previously, it was possible to set a preferred name to be a URL or domain name, which some email clients very liberally turned into clickable URLs. This happened despite Projectify emails being plain-text only, and therefore not containing any HTML.

A user could, for example, change their name to a malicious URL and send out team member invitation emails. These emails would contain clickable links that could lead a victim to click a link not belonging to the Projectify application. While the origin of this problem lies beyond the realm of the Projectify application, we try to prevent content injections like these out of an abundance of caution.

Names ending on a period are not rendered as clickable URLs in an email client, and therefore do not need to be rejected. I have changed the regular expression validating preferred emails in pull request #509.

Input validation remains a challenge, even when using secure frameworks. Peripheral software, such as email clients, can demonstrate surprising behavior, and it is up to us software developers to stay on top of this.

Other bug fixes

Here are some miscellaneous bug fixes added over the last few weeks:

New features

Here are some of the small quality-of-life updates that have been added over the last few weeks:

Thank you

Thank you to all the kind people on the internet who have been trying out the Projectify application over the last few weeks and have reported various issues.